Be the only woman in the room...

Have you ever been at a party or event and a woman (or even a man) walks into the room and seems to have control of the room? Did you watch her stroll into the room confidently, with a smile on her face as if she owned it while everyone seemed to stop and stare? Did you wonder, "What is that she's got"? —  It's the "It" Factor!

When we were babies, we all HAD the “It Factor”. When we were carried into a room or wheeled around a grocery store, EVERYONE stared, wanted to touch us, talk to us and gaze at us. They wanted to make us smile and giggle. We DEMANDED it! We were confident in our abilities to be cute, pretty, sweet and charming and we knew we’d get what we wanted when we wanted. Right? Some of us had IT for awhile… maybe 'til we were 5 or 6… maybe until puberty when someone said something or did something that caused us to feel less-than. Some of us had IT into our teens until something traumatic happened and we hid IT from view. Suddenly, we told ourselves that it wasn’t ok to have IT. So here we are with our hidden It factor and we're not sure how to uncover it or even where it bloody went!

Do You Want It?

I see you. 

I see you searching for a partner to share your life with. I know. I was there. You may be feeling alone. Defeated. Like nothing works. You may have tried those dating programs written from the guy's point of view or watched those youtube videos or FaceBook ads selling new dating angles and techniques. I know. I was there.

You might be IN a relationship and wondering where your mojo went or with a guy who isn't interested in sex anymore. Hell, maybe YOU aren't interested in sex anymore. I know. It happens. I've been THERE too!

If you're divorced, widowed or have gone through a break-up, it can be terrifying to tackle dating, right? I mean, It's so DIFFERENT now with all these apps and websites and having to curate profiles and swiping left and right and OMG how do we get out alive? Been there. 

I ALSO see some of you who are discouraged by aging. There's a big difference between being 25- 30 and being 40- 48 or 58. I mean... just how are we supposed to feel sexy after 35, kids, marriages, sun damage, work, relationships that go wrong and the environment? Guess what. Also me. 

We are also most likely juggling it ALL: Career, Relationship, Kids, Hobbies, Friends, 2nd Jobs, Fitness, Eating right, Pets... How the hell do we fit sexy in? Not to mention that you've been out of the dating scene for a long time, you have to find the courage to find intimacy with someone new again. Holy hell. That can be scary. I got that one, too. 

You want to feel love and be loved again.

You desire to be desired.

You want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

You want to feel like a goddess.

You want to put yourself first for once and be the bad ass goddess in your life. 

Smolder... or as they say in the u.k: Smoulder.

Imagine being that woman walking into that party next weekend and owning the room.

Imagine being so magnetic that everywhere you go, you're getting phone numbers, people want to talk to you and you've always got a smile on your face. 

Imagine taking your clothes off in front of a partner and feeling sexy, powerful and free because you're not worried about what they'll think of your body. 

I KNOW it's possible to go from feeling unattractive to feeling like a sexy bad ass woman and finding LOVE. 

Divorce can rock a gal's world- especially if you want to date EVER again. Confidence can give your the power to take on the world of dating like a rock star... without feeling defeated. 

Feeling good about yourself doesn't have to be something that occurs in the future when you'll have time or your kids are grown up. If I can make it happen with a full-time job as a single mom, so can you!

You can have it all. And I can help because I've been there and I see you.

I know that it's possible to reclaim your it factor. I'm living proof that we can go through it ALL- childbirth, corporate life, marriage, divorce, dating, career changes... and STILL get get my sexy back and have it ALL: The great relationship, a bad ass life, doing what I love and having a family.

I don't want you to have to go another moment feeling "less than": Less than beautiful, less than powerful or less than sexy. I want you to own who you are and love the body you were born with. 

I developed this program to specifically give you the most important tools and all of the support you need to start feeling SEXY, confident and like a GODDESS, be unstoppable in love and to truly take back your power without compromising who YOU are. No permission or validation needed here. You get to put yourself FIRST for once.

You'll receive support and guidance on how to craft your new bad-ass, goddess-y, sexy self. You'll learn to love your body through burlesque dance and movement, create a confident mindset and more. We'll create your new possibility for a fulfilling life of success in love and well-being. 

About the program

The Structure

  • One- 90 minute introduction call to hone in on EXACTLY what you need to live the life of your dreams and plan for the next 90 days

  • 6- 50 minute bi-weekly coaching meetings (skype or in-person) That's 9 calls total!

  • Email support for the full 90 days.

  • Welcome packet to complete before the intro session plus self and body- image work, creating and manifesting tools for mindset.

  • Meditation and Affirmation recordings.

  • Personalized movement and dance instruction (includes strip tease!)

  • Facebook group for added support

What you can expect

The steps to loving the body you're in.

What it takes to be expressing yourself fully + completely.

How dancing for yourself leads to self-love + care.

How to crack the code on feeling sexy at any age/shape or size.

You're going to get the process to confidence + self-love leading you to the life of your dreams. 

You'll re-discover your own personal “it” factor.

You will gain confidence, sex appeal + full self-expression through burlesque movement + coaching.

You'll be freed from the past + it's effect on your body image + confidence + get your mojo back.

You'll become comfortable in clothes that make you feel great.

You'll upgrade the image you have of yourself + find out how you express your personal It factor.

You'll find new confidence in relating to your partner or in dating.

It's for you if:

You want to feel good in your body and enjoy it.

You want the freedom to express yourself fully- creatively, sexually + physically. 

You are tired of feeling like you can't express yourself freely + openly.

You need a reboot to your self image + sex appeal.

You're ready to give your relationship a reboot.

You're Ready to start dating and find the perfect partner.

You're busy + only have about 15- 30 minutes a day to do your it-factor work.

Are You ready?

Are you ready to be magnetic? To own the room?

Are you ready for a great relationship?

Are you ready to feel SEXY and MAGNETIC?

If the answer is yes, then lets do this!

Investment: $3000 paid in full or $3900 with payment plan

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