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What is Personal Branding?

Branding is how a person. place, thing or entity is seen. It's the attributes: color, emotions, visuals, experience and lifestyle portrayed by Oprah, Coca Cola, Ikea, Barbie, Disney, Katy Perry and anyone or anything else you can imagine. Personal Branding assigns these attributes to yourself. Katy Perry started out with personal branding until she BECAME a brand with platinum records and licensing deals. Personal Branding is a tool YOU can also USE to set yourself apart, up-level your career or business, be memorable and create consistency. This creates a new image, visual and way of being for you to create success in your career or business. 

When Personal Branding is combined with It Factor Coaching, your new image and way of being are enhanced with confidence and power techniques to raise your energy, feel powerful, be in action and be UNSTOPPABLE. 

Are you...
  • thinking about switching careers? 
  • overwhelmed by the corporate ladder and not sure how to climb it? 
  • wanting to make your hobby a full-time gig but aren't sure where to start? 
  • wondering how to make yourself memorable in a huge talent pool?
  • watching opportunities pass by because you're afraid to "put yourself out there"?

The Branding It Factor is for you if....

... You're a career women or female entrepreneur creating or growing your businesses.

... If you work in the corporate world and want to be a powerhouse in your field, this is for you.

... If you are a business owner and want to build confidence, stand out and be outrageously successful, this is for you, too.

This program combines my brand building techniques with my favorite It Factor tools for amping up personal power and confidence so you can start lining up your goals and dreams and start knocking your successes out of the park! Be memorable, fascinating and unstoppable!


Giving a presentation at work or in a meeting or interview and owning the room.

Feeling sexy, powerful and free and being magnetic wherever you go.

Confidence in your career can give your the power to take on your goals and dreams in big ways. On YOUR terms!

Knowing what the best, most efficient next steps to take on your business or career.

Having the guidance and support to reach your goals and dreams in tangible ways.

I KNOW it's what it's like to go from feeling powerless and invisible to being powerful and fascinating in business. This can have a significant effect on ALL aspects of your life. 

Why I created this Program:

When I wanted to start my own business, I had NO IDEA where to start and was overwhelmed by everything I thought I had to do. I also experienced this when I was working for the toy industry and had no idea how to get promoted in my job or ask for what I wanted or needed. I needed help and with the help of mentors and coaches, was able to crack the code. I've heard from so many women that they want to go to the next level but don't know how, so I created this new program combining personal branding and coaching to help them do just that. 

I developed this program to specifically give you the most important tools and all of the support you need to start feeling confident, be in action, be unstoppable in work and life and take back your power without compromising who YOU are. No permission or validation needed here. You'll give it to YOURSELF.

You'll receive support and loving guidance on how to craft this new way of being. You'll craft your brand and image, work on your self-image, create a confident mindset and more. We'll create your new possibility for a fulfilling life of success in your career.

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Branding It Factor Program

This Special, Limited-time offer is good for career women or female entrepreneurs creating or growing their businesses. 

Was $997

NOW $797!!

- 4- 45 minute weekly sessions on personal branding and building your It Factor
- 2 months of email support
- Welcome packet and worksheets
- 3 month action plan we create together
- Mindset techniques

You'll Get:
You'll get the guidance and tools to discover your brand it factor and visualize it. We'll be dreaming big so You'll also get the mindset practices you'll use to view yourself as successful and line yourself up to receive the possibilities you will create for yourself. We'll work together on your desired areas of focus and work out blocks that might be holding you back. Then, we'll tie it all together with an action plan for the next 3 months. 

Pay in full or 2 payments of $417. 

BONUS: If you act now, I'll throw in a FREE Social Media consultation for your Facebook page or website OR portfolio and resume review- Whether you want to bring your cyber-presence up to speed with your new brand or revamp a resume, portfolio or website, I will guide you from my 20 years expertise in branding, design and career mentorship to help bring your assets in line with your new vision for your life and your future. Value- $500

Add-on- Half day intensive session (4 hours) $800 (can be added at any time during our 2 months together) (normally $1200)
Add-on- extra phone sessions $225 each (normally $300)

This program includes everything you need to feel great, take on your career or business with joy, clarity and momentum and rediscover your own personal It Factor.

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Is it your turn to shine and feel fulfilled in your career? Are you ready to unleash your feminine power in your business and be unstoppable?

"Yes! I’m ready to get clear on how to take my business to the next level!"

"I’m ready to feel completely clear how my brand effects my career"

"I’m ready to feel confident in interviews, meetings and delivering a powerful presentation!"

"I’m ready to dance, move and learn techniques to raise my energy!"

"I’m ready to call the shots at work, in my life and how I feel all day every day!"


Are you still asking yourself if this is for you?

It might not be! I have to tell you that I created this so you don't have to. I was JUST like you in so many ways. I spent 20 years in the toy industry working on branding, presenting, sales, mentoring designers and managers and creating experiences for kids and co-workers. I'm sure we have loads in common including the frustration, anxiety and confusion that is common when we reach a certain place in our lives, careers or businesses. Sometime we feel stuck and stagnant and like there's no way out. Well, there IS!

You have so much power at your fingertips and you really CAN have your goals and dreams right in front of you. 

I'd love to support you in your rediscovery and transformation. 
Let us find your personal It Factor together

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