“From working with you, I gained a level of self confidence regarding my body image that I had never experienced before. You taught me that each person is beautiful for who they are and what they bring to the table. You taught me that even if I am a goofball, I can be sexy. There are different levels of sexy out there - and funny sexy is one and I'm good at it!“ Sonia S.





“Madeline Sinclaire is a legend in the making.  She is fully committed to her student’s success.  The constructive criticism always comes from a place of betterment and understanding what the audience wants.  She looks at the performer as a whole to assess his/her strengths to use them to the performer’s benefit, as well as improving any weaknesses.  She has such a great understanding of the industry and can help shape new performers by giving advise both on classic burlesque as well as neo burlesque. Who wouldn’t want to work with such an icon!" Brex-Anna B.



"I think the biggest thing for me is the confidence you've given me. Your ability to see the things that can take an movement or act to the next level is invaluable. You've always made me feel comfortable in trusting you with something (burlesque/stripping) that is so vulnerable yet so powerful.” Teddie P.