When you work with me you get the nitty gritty on how to unleash your own inner BAD ASS.

If you're one or a combination of any of these:

  • Looking for a partner

  • Newly Divorced 

  • A new mom

  • Dealing with weight loss or gain 

  • or dealing with anything else that has you feeling crappy. 

I would imagine that it's been a long time since you put yourself first or felt special. When was the last time you put yourself first and cared for YOU? My first secret to you is this:

You can't fill from an empty cup

When was the last time you got a sitter for the the kids, didn't answer that after-hours call from the boss or didn't worry about your first husband or cheating ex?

Imagine if in just 1- 2 hours a week you could fill your own cup while unleashing your inner sex goddess- all without taking your clothes off, going on a date or even leaving the house.
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When we work together, we make serious shit happen:

You'll find new freedom in your brain and in your body. Seriously. I'm not lying. These go hand in hand.

You'll feel sexy in your skin no matter the state you're in and see yourself as the Goddess that you are. I mean, come on. We were MADE to feel sexy and get sexy on this planet!

If you're dating- you may have a list of qualities you're looking for in a partner. Guess what? You're going to learn to be this for yourself. Yep. it's true, it's possible and it's mind-blowing.

You wanna feel loved, desired and wanted? You're gonna learn the secrets to that stuff, too.


Become so addicted to yourself that you become irresistible


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“From working with you, I gained a level of self confidence regarding my body image that I had never experienced before. You taught me that each person is beautiful for who they are and what they bring to the table. You taught me that even if I am a goofball, I can be sexy. There are different levels of sexy out there - and funny sexy is one and I'm good at it!“ Sonia S.




“Madeline Sinclaire is a legend in the making.  She is fully committed to her student’s success.  The constructive criticism always comes from a place of betterment and understanding what the audience wants.  She looks at the performer as a whole to assess his/her strengths to use them to the performer’s benefit, as well as improving any weaknesses.  She has such a great understanding of the industry and can help shape new performers by giving advise both on classic burlesque as well as neo burlesque. Who wouldn’t want to work with such an icon!" Brex-Anna B.



"I think the biggest thing for me is the confidence you've given me. Your ability to see the things that can take an movement or act to the next level is invaluable. You've always made me feel comfortable in trusting you with something (burlesque/stripping) that is so vulnerable yet so powerful.” Teddie P.

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